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Second Chance Learning is a company devoted to helping
at-risk individuals improve their lives through education.
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The idea for this company came into being after I learned of the very high rates of recidivism for our prison populations; the human and financial costs of incarceration are unacceptably high. Worse still are the devastating consequences to the family unit and the innocent victims who often develop the same patterns in their lives as the cycle continues.

I firmly believe that knowledge is power. By imparting knowledge, we provide a means for the individual to compete in our society. With that thought in mind, I changed careers, from engineering to human services, with the goal of helping to reduce these high rates of recidivism. 

After working in this field for nearly five years as a teacher, a tutor, a career counselor, and other service positions, I have learned that a great deal of first-time incarcerations and subsequent recidivisms are due to drug-related offenses. For troubled youth substance abuse begins around the age 13 or 14. I believe that substance abuse, high-school dropout rates, and prison recidivism are tightly interconnected

As a result of these experiences, I went back to college and earned an AS degree in human services with a focus on chemical dependency. In addition, I also completed the course work and PRAXIS I and II for math teacher certification.
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