To attend college:

1)      Gather up all required information

a.       Full name, date of birth, social security number

b.      Prior year’s tax form or money earned that year

c.       Your personal email address

                                                               i.      Use yahoo for free email address

d.      SAT scores, High School transcripts, or GED scores


2)      Apply for electronic signature


                                                               i.      Use an easy to remember password

                                                             ii.       Check email for PIN

                                                            iii.      Memorize this number


3)      Start filling out FAFSA


                                                               i.      Use an easy to remember password

                                                             ii.      Click on the SAVE button often


4)       Review and sign your FAFSA

a.       Note the Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

                                                               i.      This indicates how much money you will need to have

b.      Check email for approved FAFSA

c.       Print out a copy of the Student Aid Report


                                                             ii.      Click on: View and Print Student Aid Report


5)       If you do not plan to file your taxes for the prior year

a.       Request a free transcript of your tax status from IRS



5)       Apply at college

a.       Fill out application form at admissions office


6)       Visit financial aid office

a.       Bring your Student Aid Report


7)      Signup for and take placement tests

a.       Go to testing center

b.      Get a copy of placement test guide

                                                               i.      Sample English and math questions

c.       Schedule a test date


8)      Register for classes

a.       Go to registrar