What's happening at Second Chance Learning!

Your donations at work:

So far this year, Second Chance Learning’s resources have been spread between several principle areas. 

SCL is continuing the tutoring and advising at the women’s prison (MCIW). 

SCL is also teaching a remedial college math class at the prison; while this is a paid service, the supplies are provided free to the students and are paid for by SCL donated money.

Another change is a return to the Helping Up Mission (HUM). HUM provides long-term housing and rehabilitative services to homeless adult men. At HUM, SCL is providing a college placement test class for the men at the mission who have their high school diploma and have the desire to attend college; many of the students have been away from school for 10-20 years.

Finally, SCL is providing tutoring services to students attending the South Baltimore Learning Center (SBLC). SBLC is an educational center for at-risk adults.